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So , Sophie Dahl has an appetite for the scrumptious things in life? Amen to that, it’s about time women stopped being so miserable and buttoned up about weight and food and just learned to enjoy food for what it is – one of life’s great pleasures. Where’s the fun in constantly starving yourself, denying yourself a piece of cake that’s been lovingly baked for you because “I’m on a diet” or swapping gorgeous vintage cheddar for low fat plastic substitute?

Sophie says, “We have to deal with what we’ve got, appreciate it and move swiftly on. We all spend far too much time focusing on what we don’t have and undermining what we do in the process.”

And I loved this too:

“For me, wound up in that delicious sense memory bank are so many tiny things: my mother’s gooseberry fool, eaten in the garden on a hot summer night; my father making me scrambled eggs on toast in his kitchen with the chequered linoleum; the smell of my grandmother Gee-Gee’s house, Victoria sponge, light as a feather and dripping with home-made raspberry jam, just out of the oven.
Then there is the soup that is made for someone who is grief-stricken, the long lazy breakfasts of courtship, the messy tray composed by a child, with lukewarm tea and burnt bitter toast, presented with heartbreaking gravity which prompts you to say, ‘This is the best toast I have ever eaten in my life.’ I remember a picnic with the boy I love on the floor of a new house with no furniture and wine in mugs. ”

So, just for today…even if you can’t manage it the rest of the week…eat, drink and be merry.

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Just a quick welcome to the ‘I’ll give you something to smile about’ blog. I started it because I was in a good mood – and anyway, there’s far too much negativity in the world…

Every day I’ll try to inject some sparkle and sunshine into your life – whether it’s an uplifting song, some good news I’ve spotted (like “chocolate to be prescribed free on the NHS”)  or just an observation about something that’s made me smile. Like this song, which always does.  Great Things – Echobelly

Being miserable is boring, and happiness is contagious.

A positive attitude will not solve all the problems in the world, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. So get out there and grin – people will wonder what you’re up to…

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