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Saturday is shopping daySaturday is the best day of the week. It’s better than a Sunday, I think, because a Saturday is full of promise. What are you going to do with the weekend? If you’re like me you could wake up with a couple of dates in mind – girly dates and not with cute males. A date’s a date thought and a girl date involves lots of gossip – which you don’t get with boy dates.

Or you could start with a completely clean slate and decide to follow your weekend wherever it takes you. A lie in maybe? Unless you live where I do and the postie insists on coming early on a Saturday morning as opposed to his usual 11 am. The clatter breaks through my dreams and wakes me up but at least I know it’s Saturday and I have very little that I absolutely have to do.

Saturdays are lazy days because you know that whatever you need to get done, you can procrastinate until Sunday and go shopping instead. Or play on the Internet. Or go for a walk in the sunshine. Or read that book you’ve been meaning to read all year…or just have a snooze.

Yes, Saturday is pretty much my favourite day of the week…


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