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I got this from one of my fave websites for all things uplifting – Sassy Minx. I’m so going to be treating myself to this book – any book that debunks the whole ‘eat egg whites and steamed broccoli to be happy’ myth has got to be good.

The Sassy Minx


Happy, sassy and sorted women (and men) don’t pick at a sad salad with no dressing or refuse to go out with their friends because they are on a diet. Building a conversation around how many Weight Watchers points you’ve had (or avoided) that day is just dullsvile, darling.

When people stop navel gazing about what they should and shouldn’t eat, and start to eat what they enjoy and what makes them feel good (doesn’t have to be chocolate but if it is, enjoy it!) just imagine how much head space will be free for us all to enjoy our lives a little bit more. What would you think about if you could give up thinking about your weight?

The book you’ve always wanted to write? How fantastic your friends are? How beautiful the sunsets can be at this time of the year – or any time of the year? The last hot sex you had, and who you had it with?

Eat like a hot chick, and fill your life with things that matter – ditch the calorie counter and diet books and read things that inspire and delight you. Life is REALLY too short to stuff a mushroom, and it’s certainly too short to look up said mushroom’s syn value.


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